"I can't say enough about this product and how cool it is!"

SecuRemote Customer
"I've already experienced this product saving me 4 hours of time!

SecuRemote Customer
"I sent the contractor a digital key while I was gone!"

SecuRemote Customer
"Setup was fairly straightforward and they include all the parts you'll need."

SecuRemote Customer

Control Your Garage Door


You control access — who and when...

SecuRemote doesn't change the function of your garage door opener; it simply works with it.

Grant access to family, friends and other users you authorize.

Give instant access to out-of-town guests

Set schedules for individual users.

Go for a jog and leave behind those annoying keys.

Perfect for vacation homes.

Convenience. Control. Security.

SecuRemote doesn't change the function of your overhead garage opener -
it simply works with it, using high tech digital encryption for maximum security.

SecuRemote is comprised of 3 basic items:

  1. The FREE app available for all 3 major smartphone platforms.
  2. The access control device which works with your existing garage door system.
  3. Free online SecuRemote account with advanced security.

Easy to setup — Easy to use...

Set up is as simple as 1...2...3

SecuRemote Home Management System Products

Seamless Home Access Control

for the Garage

for the Gate
Coming Soon!

for the Deadbolt
Coming Soon!

Gateway Manager
Coming Soon!